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Why study with us?

• Flexible study options to suit your lifestyle

CLMD's flexible study options enable candidates to arrange their studies around their busy lives.

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Online
  • Combination of study modes

• Learning and Teaching

CLMD's learning, teaching and assessment methods engage a variety of teaching modes such as tutorials, online learning, practical experience and one-to-one support.

• Flexible start dates

All of our courses have a range of start dates. There is no waiting time!!!
Please see course listing for further information.

• Small class sizes and personal attention

As proven, smaller class sizes improve achievement. Spending more time with each candidate allows trainers to get to know their personal strengths, weaknesses and learning styles, ensuring that their individual learning needs are catered for. CLMD keep its class sizes small.

• Regular Workshops

CLMD run regular workshops to help learners develop their academic and vocational skills, habits and attitudes for workplace advancement and progression.


Regardless of the starting point, CLMD encourage and help candidates to develop and progress. CLMD work with candidates to build the necessary fundamental skills for vocational competencies and to access higher levels of learning. CLMD's Information, Advice and Guidance service offers support for onward progression and continuing professional development.